Timothy Glass, author of the Sleepytown beagle series, Just This of Heaven and Postcards
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elcome and thank you for dropping by timglass.com. I have strived in my writing career to offer not merely words upon the page, but words that paint a visual picture for the reader in both my nonfiction as well as fictional work. That has always been my commitment to my readership.

Sleepytown Beagles, Doggone ItIf you haven't seen my latest book Doggone It, I hope you will check it out. To geBooks By Timothy Glasst information on all my books and to see book trailers, click here. Click on any book to get complete information about that title. Also, each book has a Media Center for media professionals' use.

Check out the Sleepytown Beagles cartoons at:visit our website Sleepytown Beagles cartoons.

As a writer, I enjoy hearing from my readership. If one of my books has touched your life, or someone you know, I would love to hear about it.

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Photography of Timothy Glass by Kim Jew Photography Studio

Just This Side of Heaven by Timothy Glass Postcards by T. Faron